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Green Mountain Cutter

Green Mountain Cutter
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Our Sleigh Tradition

We craft highly authentic reproductions of 19th century children’s sleighs to be anything you want them to be. As a hand-crafted memento of an earlier age, or a beautiful compliment to country home décor, there’s always a place for a Vermont Sleigh Company sleigh to enliven your home, adding to it a sense of history, whimsy and fun.

And yes, we’ve been known to take our Rutland Racers on a run or two. After all, we had a very important score to settle.

Our sleigh tables are handcrafted from birch or cherry and are available in various finishes, which include natural, painted with an antiqued crackled finish, and various graphics.

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Sharing a passion for fine woodworking as well as history.

We take pride in our craftsmanship and pay special attention to detail and design, striving to offer the distinction and quality that our rich Vermont heritage lends us. Each sleigh is a future heirloom.

We stand behind our work. Your complete satisfaction is our guarantee. But, you have to act now because our current stock won't last long!

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